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Happy Birthday baby, my life, my heart my reason to be. Hope you have an awesome birthday without me *sniff* and please stay away from the Jenner family.
Happy Birthday 1/5 Angels.
Happy Birthday 1/5 Superheroes.
Happy Birthday 1/5 Saviors.
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik.
New Year’s Eve by stypahorliksoncullen featuring peep toe pumpsEliza J lace dress, $265 / Lipsy dress, $125 / Jolie Moi lace dress / L K Bennett party dress, $490 / Red pumps, $71 / Giuseppe Zanotti sandals / River Island shoes, $99 / Charlotte Russe black pumps / 2b peep toe pumps
Louis Tomlinson. You’ve been an amazing inspiring for the four little brothers and your four little sisters. You’re the one whom we’ve never seen break down even after all the hate sent to you, you stood up like a hero. You wanted to be a superman, you did it, you became a superman for all the directioners by being yourself. You have been the physically eldest yet mentally the youngest of the five. *laughs* You have been the best thing that ever happened to people around you and us. You’re 22 and wow, we still love you but we miss you with those glasses :’) P.S. Borrow Niall’s broken ray-bans sometimes and post selfies.
Happy Birthday Stephenie Meyer.
We still wait fro you to complete “Midnight Sun”.
Reblog to wish her Happy birthday.

Oh God its the best song ever

i mean


i love SOML

Im screaming



please play it again

I never meant to do this but we can’t hide from the truth hE’S AN ANGEL
im laughing so hard
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